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LISS Cardio Class - (Low Intensity Steady State)

This is a class for everyone who wants to tick off that cardio box! Working at your own pace dependent on your fitness level you will be encouraged to work at your own level. Adaptions for all so you can take the easier route or make it more challenging, there are options for all! *45 mins *Builds stamina/endurance *Core work included *Improve strength and definition (particulary in lower body) *Different workout each week



I really enjoy this workout as, although I do a very physical job, Sarah’s LISS Class uses movements that exerts muscles not usually used much. It also increases my cardiovascular strength by increasing heart rate. It’s the only time during the week that I actually work up a sweat. 😂. Sarah encourages us to work to our own speed and abilities. I leave the class feeling like I’ve actually done something positive. Thanks Sarah. - Wendy


Such a great class that I look forward to every Monday night. Love the variety of the exercises and the fact that everyone is doing the same thing, but at their own speed. Great exercises to get the heart going and for working up a sweat. Sarah is great at encouraging you and helping you to get it right. - Julie

Booking and Contact Information

Every Monday 6.30pm Sports & Social club

Price: £9

Contact: Sarah at Marshall Fitness / 07973 877014

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