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Strength & Mobility

This is 60 minute class focusing on building strength and bone density using dumbbells and bodyweight exercises to counteract age related muscle loss. It is low impact and also low cardio. This class is for you if you are wanting to improve mobility, maintain muscle mass/build strength and also feel more confident in your ability to perform everyday functional tasks. You will need: A mat/towel 2 x pairs of dumbbells. (light/medium/heavy)

A mat/towel


And 1 hour out of your week!

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Super class! Sarah is very good at challenging you and then pushing you a little bit more! Lifting weights and doing strength exercises is so important for women when you age, a strong core is vital for long term good health. Sarah’s classes give you this and more. She is knowledgable and kind and I really enjoy her classes - highly recommend! - Jo


Great class. I have been going for over two years now and have really noticed an improvement in my strength and flexibility. Sarah is a great instructor who adapts the exercises to suit all abilities. Highly recommended. - Sarah

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