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Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Can I book the Sports and Social Club for Private Events?

A)  Yes!  We would love to accommodate your request.  Please check the calendar on the site to see the availability for your chosen dates.  If there is availability, then please do send us an email and we'll be in touch to discuss your requirements in more detail.

2) Is the Sports and Social Club just about Sport?

A) Absolutely not, the Hook Norton Sports and Social Club is an inclusive club for all.  We host regular events and the club is also available for Private Hire.

3)  Does it cost anything to become a member of the club?

A)  No, registering as a member is FREE. 
To enter the club as a none sports/exercise/events customer, you must be a member.  Click the link to complete your registration process and let us know the sorts of news you'd like to learn about.  We'll send you updates as and when things happen, so you'll always be kept up to date.  Remember, you can unsubscribe at anytime.

4) Can I bring my own alcohol?

A) Yes of course!  However, the club reserves the right to charge a £5 corkage fee per bottle.

5) Does the club provide food?

A)  Unfortunately, the club doesn't hold the required Health and Safety certification, therefore food can not be prepared onsite - unless by someone who has the correct level of certification.  You are more than welcome to provide your own food and arrange/present it at the club.

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